FRCC Student Consultation Team

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The Student Consultation Team (SCT) is a collaborative cross departmental team on each campus that meets weekly to discuss students who are exhibiting concerning behaviors, struggling personally, or have self-identified as being in crisis. The SCT does not replace classroom management principles practiced by faculty and instructors in the classroom, but can provide support and guidance for instructions. More specific objectives of the team include:

  • Review information from faculty, staff, and students to determine appropriate responses and promote early intervention
  • Provide support and guidance to faculty and staff regarding working with students of concern
  • Through the use of the NaBITA Assessment Tool, assess student cases to classify the level of risk a student may be to themselves and/or others
  • Coordinate follow-up with students and ensure that services, support, and resources are delivered effectively
  • Provide possible referral actions for: counseling services, disability services, conduct actions, medical leave/withdrawal, etc. as needed
  • Centralize record keeping of reports and outcomes that enable team to reference prior cases to better determine the best response

Learn More About:

What to do in Urgent/Emergency Situations

For Emergencies:

Call Campus Security & Preparedness
Call 9-1-1 if necessary

 For Urgent Situations:

Submit a Student of Concern Form (select urgent) & call or email Dean of Student Services